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China Tee Club


Postcards from Macau at The China Tee Club, Hong Kong, October 2008 – July 2011

  •  Macau #7
  •  Taipa #5
  •  Coloane #1
 Postcards from Macau

The China Tee Club
Pedder Street, Central, Hong Kong
Opening night photos

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“As a photographer, I always find Macau incredibly exciting. It’s an exotic, visual feast. I get deeply stimulated by everything I see – the colours, the textures, the beautiful old Portuguese architecture, the stark contrast of all that history with the glitter and glamour of modern development. But it’s the older, more traditional parts of this wonderful landscape that attract me, time after time. There are just so many stories still evident in the courtyards, alleyways and narrow streets of the city, and especially in the old vilas – stories of real people, who have, for generations, called Macau home. I hope you enjoy these ‘postcards’, these glimpses of a fascinating city.”
~ Nick Gleitzman

For more information, and to view the images, visit the artist’s web site: nickgleitzman.com

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