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Relocations: Our programs

As each client's needs are unique, our programs can be selected in Modules designed to suit all requirements from the most basic to the all-inclusive total package.

Modules can be taken individually, or consecutively, or spread over any period to suit the relocation schedule. As some Modules inter-relate, it is recommended that these be taken as closely together as possible.

The key to our Program is flexibility. The following Modules encompass our scope of service:

  • Orientation/Familarisation
  • Visa and Immigration
  • Office/Business venue Search
  • Home Search
  • Moving Assistance
  • Short Term/Temporary Accommodation
  • Moving Assistance
  • Education/School Introduction and Search
  • Social/Sporting Facilities Introduction
  • Project Management for Design, Renovation and Equipping Premises
  • Departure Assistance
  • Tenancy Management
  • Budget Management