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Relocations: Relocating your staff

Moving home is an emotional upheaval, leaving friends and family can be upsetting and the sheer physical effort, stressful and tiring. It is important to be able to counter this by focusing on the positive and exciting aspects of moving and to know that there are things to look forward to.

Where possible, it is desirable that the entire family, or at least the adult partners, visit their new location on a preliminary orientation. At this time, they can familiarise themselves on the aspects of life important to them, including:

  • The quality of accommodation available to them
  • The educational facilities for their children
  • The sporting and social activities available
  • Cost and quality of living
  • Medical facilities

These matters are important not only to the family, but also to the Company. In order to obtain the maximum results from their staff, it is important that the home environment be as stress-free as possible.