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The Peak

Traditionally the most exclusive location commanding the highest prices in Hong Kong, The Peak, Hong Kong’s ‘dress circle’, was historically the preferred residential area for tai-pans. This has led to the existence of more properties of classical designs and old world charm dotted around this steep and hilly district. As a result, there is a significant number of exclusive stand-alone houses on The Peak, many with commanding views over Hong Kong.

Located high up on the hillside, most Peak properties enjoy cooler summer temperatures with evening breezes. Many of the properties offer picturesque lush green views of tropical plants accompanied by exquisite harbour or south island seaviews.

Residential developments on The Peak are limited by height restrictions and consist mostly of townhouses or lowrise developments, many with communal facilities such as pool, tennis or gymnasiums.

With an abundant and excellent spread of green belts and parks, The Peak offers many scenic walks and hiking trails, and the area immediately around the Peak Tram terminus, well served by numerous taxis, buses and minibuses, is especially popular with visitors. The Peak Tower and Peak Galleria retail centres offer five-star quality shopping and restaurants that represent one of the main attractions for tourists and locals alike.

The Peak also offers an excellent selection of international primary and secondary schools, such as the German-Swiss International school popular with European expatriate families.

The Peak does suffer from the seasonal problem of high humidity that occurs during the spring and early summer months. Fog or mist frequently covers most of the upper Peak areas, and efficient air-conditioning and dehumidifiers need to be turned on throughout the days of these seasons to help reduce damage to the interiors of the home, furnishings, appliances and clothing.