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Relocations: Relocating your business or staff

This programme has been designed for new assignees to Hong Kong or job candidates on pre-employment visits and also for Companies seeking to relocate or to set up new office outlets or businesses in Hong Kong.

When relocating to a new environment, it is most important that you are properly prepared and informed in advance of what to expect, the advantages and the disadvantages or, quite simply, just the “differences”. This knowledge enables you to establish realistic expectations and to avoid unpleasant surprises.

This service is particularly popular for new assignees as it minimizes the strain on the Company’s housing or administration personnel and relieves the stress factors relating to an overseas move for the new staff. Families who receive a good introductory service adjust to the Hong Kong lifestyle more quickly and become more immediately productive employees.

Quite often, the employee or working partner has been fully briefed regarding the new job responsibilities and working conditions but the family needs may have been neglected, often with disastrous consequences.